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[Round 1] June/July

Hey everyone welcome to the very first challenge round. I hope that we get some really awesome works for the our first round of blending, effects adding, and whatever other good stuff you guys want to throw my way!

As you submit your works of art to this entry, keep in mind that it must include:

[1] In the subject line the round # and the challege #.
[2] Your LJuser ID or, if you want to be left anonmyous for the voting, that's fine too. Just state EXPLICITYLY, so that I know not to put your LJuser ID.
[3] If you want to leave a suggesstion just fill out what you had in mind and I will consider placing it into one of the future challenges.

For an example of the entry submission please refer to this. All entries must be in before MIDNIGHT on the specified date or eles I won't be taking it. Please read and abide by our community rules.

[Challenge 01] Regular Collage / Blend
Fearures: Samurai X (Tsuiokuhen OVA)
Rules: Blend or collage any of the pictures provided
Save as: ab_ch01_YOURNAME.jpg/gif/png (NO BMP PLEASE)
Source: listed here


[Challenge 02] Add Effects
Fearures: Ishida Uryuu
Rules: Add Effects, you may add whatever you like. Try not to resize the picture too much. You may add stock, textures, and brushes as long as you do not add any other pictures that are not already in the original blend.
Save as: ab_ch02_YOURNAME.jpg/gif/png (NO BMP PLEASE)
Source: listed here


[Challenge 03] Specialty of the Month / Icon
Fearures: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Rules: Make a 100px x 100px icon [includes border]. Keep in mind that it can not be bigger than 40kb!
Save as: ab_ch03_YOURNAME.jpg/gif/png (NO BMP PLEASE)
Source: listed here

Pictures: You can choose whatever picture you heart truly desires from this beautiful site.

[Challenge 04] Blend of the Month
Fearures: Anything ANIME or MANGA.
Rules: Submit your best work! It can be any type of art as long as it's your own.
Save as: ab_ch04_YOURNAME.jpg/gif/png (NO BMP PLEASE)
Source: None

Pictures: None provided.

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