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anime_blends's Journal

Anime Blends: An anime blending challege community
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Anime Blends is a blend challenge site that features four challenges each month [Regular, Add Effects, Specialty of the Month, and Blend of the Month]. One winner from each category will be awarded after a vote from fellow members as well as the MOD. The challenges are original and fun that challenge your imagination so there will be no room for holding back. They provide high quality pictures. Come on in and enjoy your stay here at the Anime Blends Site.

1] First and foremost, have fun!

2] Your entries can be any size, as long as they are not like... ridiculously huge or ridiculously tiny! Icon challenges must be 100x100, though. That’s standard.

3] At least two pictures must be used in the regular challenges.

4] You may only use the provided pictures unless stated otherwise for add effects challenges.

5] You may enter two blends per challenge, but you can only win one.

6] Creative text is always a plus, but, please, no offensive language.

7] Please save your blends as .jpg, .gif, or .png. Thanks!

8] You must upload your blends to your own server.

9] Please submit something that is not yours. This is suppose to be a site for those who actually worked really hard to make these blends and icons- don’t cheat them out because your stole someone else’s work, kay? Thank you.

10] I highly recommend, if there is room on your blend, initial or personalize your work of art somehow, in hopes of preventing theft.

The challenges for [JUNE 2006] are:


Regular Add Effects
SotM BotM

The deadline for this challenges is August 21st.


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*Save to your own server please! ^_^v Thanks. More coming as I get time to make them.

Thank you very much to premade_ljs for the beautiful layout and adaneko for the tutorial help! You both rock my samurai sandals! :3

MOD: chibi_ai
E-mail: Jubei's personal email