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Rules and Regulations

Some general rules that you should follow so that everything is kept straight and organized.


- Upload your works to a server that allows direct-linking (for example you can use Imageshack or Photobucket).
- The works you send have to be made by yourself!!
- Be sure that the URL for your blend is right and that it works until the end of the round.
- Don't write anything offensive and racist.
- You can send only one art piece per challenge. You can enter in up to two challenges but can only win one of them!

[Regular Blends/Collages]

- You must use at least two pictures.
- The size must be no smaller than 300 x 300.
- Size must be no bigger than 2000 x 2000.
- You may add whatever you like to it: textures, stocks, patterns, or anything your heart desires.


- Must color at least one.
- Must not just blend pictures.
- Do not use orignal and take credit.
- You may use textures, stocks, and patterns.


- Must be 100 x 100 pixels including the border.
- Must use at least one picture that I provided or else it will be stated otherwise.
- You may blend and use other pictures in additon to you using one that I provided.
- May use textures, stocks, and patterns.
- Your icon must be Livejournal compatible!! That means it can't be bigger than 40kb and 100x100px in gif/jpg/png format only!

[Add Effects]

- Take one of the blends that I've already made and make it pretty by adding whatever you think is nessescary.
- You may use stocks, textures, and patterns.
- Cannot blend the pictures I provided.
- Keep the size reasonable, please.


- Create a 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024 wallpaper with one of the given pictures or more than one or (if stated) you can find some of your own.


- If you enter more than one entry, you can still only win once per challenge.
- Cannot use pictures for any other purpose unless given permission
- If I do not accpet your entry, you will be notified. You then can fix the mistake and resubmit it.
-Nothing horrificly graphics please; I know there are a lot of minors that use livejournal too. So, just to keep it clean, nothing too bad, kay? And I'm reasonable, so if it's really really bad, I'll have to contact you and might pull the entry from the voting.

Any further questions or concerns, just let me know in this entry. Thanks.
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